Company profile


The PDO team has many years of experience in Magneto Optical and related technologies.
The activity started in 1989 in the Wiesbaden based MO Business Unit of Hoechst AG. In 1994 the unit changed to PDO Media (a Philips-Hoechst joint venture) and in 1999 to PrimeDisc (a Ritek-Philips joint venture). PDO Europe GmbH was formed in Oct 2005 by members of the original MO staff.

Products and services

  • a complete range of MO/UDO media and cleaning kits;
  • a brand new Photo Archiving System in cooperation with Konica Minolta based on MO for the user of digital cameras;
  • UDO 30GB and 60GB stand-alone (USB or SCSI) or network attached (NAASA) drives for long-term data archiving;
  • CD / DVD Gold/Silver LongLife archival discs in cooperation with Mitsubishi Chemical;
  • media and packaging components;
  • services and consulting in engineering, marketing, IT.


  • stay a lean, low cost and flexible organization;
  • focus on the special needs of MO / UDO users and the parties in the channel;
  • supply high quality disks at short notice and offer quick turn-around times for new labels;
  • provide complementary products and services to existing and new customers.


  • Media and Systems OEMs;
  • branded and private label resellers;
  • parties in the photo channel;
  • companies wanting to outsource services.