Optical Storage Media: UDO is alive!

The specialist for archival media PDO Europe GmbH supplies the full product variety of UDO media

Wiesbaden, July 2009. After Plasmon Ltd. stopped its production of UDO media, PDO Europe GmbH is supplying all product types of UDO1 and UDO2 media.


All Plasmon assets including patents, copyrights, trademarks, technologies, and related intellectual properties for library, media, and drive technologies, as well as the inventory, manufacturing facilities and repair processes were acquired by Alliance Storage Technologies (ASTI) in January 2009.With this acquisition, ASTI has taken the leadership role in secure archival data storage and will continue to maintain and develop the Plasmon brand and UDO–based optical storage and technology solutions. ASTI has actively recruited over 30 former Plasmon employees and other specialists for key support, manufacturing and engineering and has re-established relationships with key solution providers, including PDO Europe GmbH.


PDO is supplying the complete UDO range including Compliant WORM and can guarantee the long-term availability. By stocking of disks at PDO, a separate customer inventory is not required. Within 2 to 3 working days after ordering the company can also deliver larger numbers of disks. Furthermore, PDO offers drives, cleaning kits and archival boxes for UDO media.


UDO disks are considered to be particularly safe storage media for the long-term archiving. Compared with Raid systems the UDO technology requires less energy and is significantly more maintenance-friendly.


Due to the long lifetime and authenticity of the data, the UDO technology is in particular suitable for applications, which have to comply with the legal regulations for electronic documents.


The storage specialists of PDO Europe do not only deliver media and drives, but also act as a full service provider for all optical storage solutions. The portfolio also includes the cleaning of media as well as analysis, data recovery and the certified deletion and destruction of disks of all kinds.


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