Inspite of the popularity of other technologies like HDD, DVD, Consumer Blu-ray, HD DVD, SD, CF or Flash media many applications cannot do without MO/UDO storage.

These are the reasons why:

  • MO are the safest technologies to store and preserve data long term
  • In the case of MO for recording and erasing two physical forces are required simultaneously: magnetism and heat. Therefore stored data cannot get lost through external influences like magnetic fields, sunlight or heat or by archiving them for decades.
  • The cartridge case and a hardcoat on the disk surface protect against physical impact.
  • Age-Tests do not show any changes in material after 50 years.


  • The new Professional Blu-ray media find their main application in jukeboxes. The hardware is supplied e.g. by Plasmon and HP. The phase-change technology has similar reliability features as those of MO and fulfills the highest quality requirements of the market.


  • MO/UDO disks comply with the ISO standard and are interchangeable independently of the manufacturer. Users of disks of other manufacturers can replace those with PDO disks without any problems.