LongLife CD-R / LongLife DVD-R

CD-R / DVD-R Media for long-term Archiving
Premature ageing is prevented by Dual-Refective Layers

Product Description:

The Dual Reflective Layer concept, developed by Mitsubishi Kagaku, combines the advantages of conventional and single gold layers: The gold layer will prevent a possible corrosion of the silver layer. Because of it`s high reflectivity the silver layer will be compatible with all drives. Due to the hardness of silver, gases that may be contained in the dye layer cannot form bubbles. Gas bubble below the gold layer


Dual-Reflective Layer Structure

gold/silber LongLife Disc standard disc

CD-R and DVD-R Standard: allows use of the discs in all drives.
Lifetime of more than 100 years: no migration of data necessary.
Hard coat: scratch resistant surface that can be cleaned.
Printable surface from OD 45mm to OD 112mm: allows ink-jet printing; optional thermal printing type available.