"Green Tune"Mastering CD-R

Mastering CD-R "Green Tune" to record and reproduce sound with the highest possible fidelity

MKM meets needs of creative professionals with new “Green Tune” Mastering CD-R

Mitsubishi (MKM) has designed a new mastering disc called the "Green Tune" CD-R. "Green Tune" maximizes sound reproduction quality and meets every requirement for professional operations in the music studio. The "Green Tune" disc is already marketed to professionals in Japan and the US.
In Europe the "Green Tune" disc is sold by PDO exclusively.
To record and reproduce sound with the highest possible fidelity. "Green Tune" discs offer newly developed labels with green “silent coat”*1, AZO*2 recording layers and superior MKM molding technology*3.
The Amary case protects the precious master disc from damage and eliminates bending.
As the DDP format*4 penetrates further into the world of recording and music, MKM will continue to develop "Green Tune" DVD-R and other professional products meeting the high standards of music studios and other recording venues.
green tune


Mastering refers to the creation of a master disc from which other CDs are created. In the case of music CDs, mastering includes the mixing, volume control, over-recording, coding, selection order, and other steps necessary to create the final version, the master from which all the CDs for the market will be made.


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*1 The label is covered with green ink. Its porosity, created by tiny air bubbles, helps reduce disc vibration, as well as any vibration from exterior sources as well.
* Conventional products have a white surface for labelling by inkjet printer.


green tune

*2 AZO layers show superior resistance to sunlight and excellent durability, and store well over long periods of time. AZO recording layers are unaffected by sunlight and other environmental factors, and have a proven track record for reliability."Green Tune" CD-R employs Super Azo, which ensures broad compatibility for professionals.

*3 High-precision molding technology reduces load on pickup and motor High-precision molding helps reduce wobble of the "Green Tune" disc surface, ensures precision tracking grooves, and prevents track eccentricity. It also helps prevent double refraction and other phenomena that affect the focus and tracking servos. This reduces the load on pickups, spindle motors, and electronic circuitry.

*4 Disc Description Protocol (DDP) format The master disk file format necessary for duplicating and manufacturing optical discs.