PhotoSafe / PhotoDisc - System

With additional features and extended warranty

MO Drive 3.5''

Packaging unit: 1 pc
Art.-Nr. 11231000
EAN 4 037416 310009
Containing: drive, USB cable, stand for vertical operation, eject needle, manual, one PhotoDisc and a voucher for 4 PhotoDiscs at a reduced price.
The buyer is entitled to have his data copied on state of the art storage if 3.5'' drives should not be available sometime in future.
Photo Disc (5 pack)
Art.-Nr. 11231000
EAN 4 037416 310009



Technical Specification


PhotoSafe specifications:

Operation system Windows XP/2000, Vista, Mac OS 10.1.2
Storage disk PhotoDisc, 128MB, 230MB, 540MB, 640MB, 1.3GB
Reliability MTBF 160 000 hours a 25 C
Transfer rate reading 2314-3857 kB/s when PhotoDisc is used
Transfer rate writing 1/3 due to additional erase/verify cycles
Access time 140ms on average, 400ms maximum
A/C through USB 2.0, no separate power supply needed
Dimensions 23mm x 108mm x 120mm
Weight 320g


PhotoDisc specifications:

Standard ISO 15041
Capacity 640MB equivalent to 100-2000 pictures
Lifetime >50 years including the stored data
Error rate <10E-12 due to 100% certification of every disk
Overwrite cycles >10 000 000
Climate stability tested at 80C at 85% humidity
Impact stability tested non-critical fall from table hight
Wipe stability scratch proof protective coating on disk surface

Protection of dirt and scratches guaranteed by casing (cartridge) made of polycarbonate

Poster 3.5'' MO Drive