Network Attached Archival Storage Appliance

UDO Based NAS System with more than 50 years of data-lifetime
Expandable Archival Solution with 30 GB or 60 GB removable UDO media


Product Description
With an operating life of more than 50 years, UDO-NAASA is a new class of cost-effective reliable archival storage. Easy to install and virtually maintenance-free, the UDO-NAASA allows you to choose the right data protection for your business and budget needs. It is based on Plasmon's UDO technology (Ultra Density Optical), the only true long-term archiving solution on the market today. UDO media are immune to temperature change, water, humidity and even powerful magnetic fields that would destroy purely magnetic products.


A UDO drive with a direct network interface to connect to all operation systems with support of the Microsoft (CIFS/SMB) protocoll. Storage of data on removable UDO media.


Benefits of the NAASA System

- Hardware based "True" UDO WORM (Write-Once-Read-Many) archive media
- Integrates as Networkdrive into Windows, Linux, UNIX and Apple environments
- Installs in minutes
- virtually maintenance-free
- "Green" Technology with minimized energy needs
- RoHS and WEEE compliant


Benefits of the UDO Media

more than 50 years media / data lifetime Reduces data migration frequency and media maintenance
30 GB and 60 GB Storage Capacity per Disk Cost-effective and flexible archival storage capacity
True Write Once Data Recording Provides unmatched data authenticity for compliance
Robust Media Cartridge Protects data and provides maintenance-free, off-line archiving
UDO Library Compatibility Allows for low-cost, non-disruptive expansion
UDO Rewritable version available 20 000 rewritable cycle count


Technical Specification